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    Originally Posted by Johto_legend View Post
    Rated Map:

    Review: this looks too much like littleroot. am not exactly sure but i think the tall grass has a tile for the bottom half since i see a lot of tile errors with the tall grass connection with the regular grass.

    Suggestions: maybe make the map bigger or wider just to be able to rearrange the houses to look less like littleroot. instead of having grass everyway maybe just have it in patchs.


    Map Name: Route 1

    Map Game: Pokemon Peridot(temp.), Firered Base

    Comments: First map ive honestly tried on, never did too much mapping. on the right side we have the entrance(bottom corner) and a secluded area where an event happens. on the left side we have the exit

    (see attachment if needed)

    Too much grass, add something other than it, or else the player is just going to be getting frustrated by the amount of Pokemon/lack of different foliage.
    And, I'm pretty sure that those trees are Kyledoves forbidden ones, so you might want to remove them
    But I could be wrong
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