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There are a few battles that I would like to see.

Ash vs Barry: We maybe saw 2 battle between these two. I would like to see more of this.

Barry vs Paul: I would love to see another rematch of this. After seeing that episode I want to see a full battle with these two.

Iris vs May: Once Iris get's a full team it would be neat to see these two battle.

Brock vs Dento: Two gym leaders battling each other would be nice.

Ash vs Cynthia: I really wanted to see this in the Sinnoh region. Hopefully this'll happen later on.

Gary vs Paul: Now this one would be very interesting to see.

Shooti vs Paul: Not much of a reason here but I would love to see this.

Dento vs Drew: Just for the laughter of this but it'll also be very interesting as well.

Barry vs Bel: This one would also be for the laugh.

Barry vs Palmer: Father vs son would be just amazing to watch.