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    Here's mine.

    10th Anniversary
    Celebi UT
    Tyranitar UT

    Misc. U.S./ events
    Shiny VGC09 Milotic BT
    Toysrus Regigigas
    Ranch Mew UT
    Space center Deoxy BT
    Mystery Mew UT
    World08 Lucario UT
    E4ALL Manaphy UT

    Misc Europe events
    Channel Jirachi UT
    Elevoltek PKTOPIA BT
    2 Movie11 Shaymins UT

    Misc. Japan events
    NZ Jirachi UT
    Almia Japanese Darkrai UT
    NegaiboshiJirachi BT
    NegaiboshiJirachi UT
    BABA FlygonUT
    Mitsurin CelebiUT
    Japanese Ranch Mew UT
    Ranger Darkrai UT
    Hadou Mew UT
    Lugia from Soulsilver that's barely touched
    Palcity Lucario UT
    Palcity Manaphy UT
    10th Deoxys Barely touched
    Darkrai from Newmoon Island BT
    2 Japanese Bonus Disc Pikachu level 10 UT
    Movie Shaymin UT

    Palcity Lucario UT
    Palcity Manaphy UT

    Movie events
    Movie Regigigas UT
    Michina Arceus

    The only one I can't find on your list is Dunking Larvitar.

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