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Well, I guess I could submit some of my ideas to the project... Unfortunately, my imagination is faster than my spriting, and I'm never satisfied with what I make, so ideas keep piling up. Do you mind if I don't use the preset form? For a lot of them, all I have are basic ideas; as it's a community project, whoever picks them up can decide the PokeDex entry and such. For some of them, I have quickly-doodled concept art or half-finished sprites.

Name: Potripus
Type: Water
Description: A small octopus hiding in a takotsubo (Japanese octopus-catching pot) with a few arms protruding from the pot's mouth, and an eye looking out through a cracked hole.

Name: Kroctopus
Type: Water/Fighting
Description: A large octopus with small pots on the ends of its arms, which serve as fists or boxing gloves.

Name: Grubino
Type: Bug
Description: A cute, chubby 'lil grub.

Name: Pupant
Type: Bug
Description: A glassy, greenish-white ant pupae.

Name: Waspain
Type: Bug/Flying(male), Bug/Poison(female)
Description: A large Black Wasp (google it).

Name: Wimpike
Type: Water
Description: A droopy, pathetic-looking pike.

Name: Tiamoor
Type: Water/Dragon
Description: An elegant, serpentine dragon with several wispy fins trailing from its tail.

Name: Undecided
Type: Rock/Grass
Description: A rock with a bit of lichen on it. Both the rock and lichen portions have faces. You can decide on any limbs it has yourself.

Name: Undecided
Type: Rock/Grass
Description: A lichen-covered boulder, with the stone portions only visible in select areas. Only one face.

Name: Undecided
Type: Grass/Flying
Description: A colorful, flowery hummingbird (fossil).

Name: Kilnary
Type: Flying/Fire
Description: A small fiery bird.

Name: Furnary
Type: Flying/Fire
Description: A large fiery bird.

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