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Originally Posted by Starchomp View Post
well im not too experienced with GSC maps but I can tell you this:

there are many, many tile errors going on with the mountains, several of them so bad that they are in fact floating in midair. But other than that the map looks fun and interesting.

Rating: 7/10

Suggestions: fix the tile errors and it'll look great.

anyway here's my map in the attachments, Im not planning to use it in a hack I just want to see how good a mapper I am and know what I can improve on.

Map Name: Route AB
Map game: None :0
comments: overall, decent-good map. all i have to say is that things seem to0 perfectly aligned, look up neti's natural tutorial, but thats about it. maybe a bit more decorations too(flowers, small trees).

rating: 6.5-7/10

suggestions: have more decorations and make it more natural.

Now my Map

Map name: Route 2(first half)
Map Game: Pokemon Peridot(temp.)Firered base
Mapshot: see attachment

Comments: well first id like to comment on the tiles, i just learned the tree and grass were kyledove's but the small tree was made by me to match them and i made this map before i could change them so, sry. but this is the first half of route 2 (havent finish part 2). pretty much you enter from the right, either go up or down, and end up at the building that takes you to the first gym. going further left into the mountains would be blocked by police OWs until you finish all events at the first badge.
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