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    Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
    Review: Dear God, you have a lot of empty space on the left-hand side of the map, don't you

    Your map has the two movement permission extremes - A large open area (up to 12+ blocks wide in some cases) and numerous 'one-tile paths' of the wooded area. The large and empty can be disorienting for a player (as they can only see so far) and to be quite honest, is quite boring. Even if you were to have trainers, NPCs and the like, it wouldn't prevent the surrounding landscape from feeling like a chore to cross :D

    The wooded area is claustrophobic compared to the first half of the route - Transitioning from an extreme really doesn't make your map to good. I know that you like to keep your map 'natural', but that shouldn't prevent you from giving the player a greater freedom of mobility in some areas. There are numerous times where the player will have to pass through a single tile in order to progress, which is indicative of a lack of mobility.

    The tile with the generic rock over the regular rocky ground is being used in correctly in some areas. On the lower mountain it is being used instead of a mountain 'ridge' (the centre-top of your classic 3x3 mountain configuration in A-Map) when it should be used in the centre of the mountain. Did you forget to put in flowers throughout the map, or were the none on your base? Put some in to bring some colour to the map

    Suggestions: Ensure that your map has a general width throughout which is not too wide or narrow, as it will give the player a sense of direction while ensuring that they still have a degree of freedom in terms of their movement (4-6 tiles widths should be where your are aiming). Liven up the left-hand side of the map - Where are the large trees? The small trees? The flowers? Use anything you can thing of to remove the overwhelming sense of emptiness. Make sure that player isn't restricted in terms of movement in some of your built-up areas.
    well i hope i got the gist of wat you were saying, so heres version 2.
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