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    Gotta love this Genre, mainly because there is soooo much you can do with it. Want Orcs? Or maybe a wizard or two? What about a handful of Demons, hmm? Yeah, I love this Genre just because it can turn into absolutely anything, so that'll be a Hit!

    Bleagh *shudders*. I'm not one for horror and what-not, so this probably wouldn't be for me. While I might enjoy it if it were interwined with another Genre, say... Sci-fi? Then it can spice up the plot a little, and generally make things more interesting, but I don't feel that it would be something I would have fun RPing in if it was purely horror, so for this Genre alone, I'm going to have to say Miss...

    It was Miss White... in the Dining Room... with the Electric Chainsaw!! I rather like Mystery based Roleplays, much like I do with books and films of a similar Genre. Well, I like them as long as the whole 'who-dunnit?' situation isn't too predictable. It is a good Genre, and unlike Horror, can work by itself, but still benefits from another Genre giving it back up. Hit!

    In my honest opinion, I'd prefer not to take part in a Role-play like one of these. Ones which revolve around ordinary life tend to bore me a little, since I usually join RPGs because they give me a chance to do something different, and normal life is not one of those things. Miss...

    I've never actually been in a Romance based Role-Play before, and thus I really have no say in this area. I'd be willing to try it, but as I've said, I've never been in one before. N/a

    Another good Genre to go by, whether the Thriller be action, pyschological, or... something else, it's a good Genre. Still wondering whether I'd rather have this than Fantansy, but I guess they can stay on equal terms... for now. Hit!

    Yup, yup, *dodges spaceship*. Anywho, another good Genre in my opinion, and depending on how Sci-fi a specific RPG gets, it can work much like Fantasy, and have almost limitless capabilities. Hit!

    Aww, darn it. Tux beat me to the desription! Nah, life's not too bad. But this Genre works for me in much the same way that Horror does, weaving in and out of other Genres, making it an important part of Roleplaying, but not being able to keep up by itself. Miss...