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    Originally Posted by DarkDoom3000 View Post
    ^ yeah, deserts aren't really exciting... I just hate leaving text only updates.

    I've overhawling my databases. complicated stuff, but has great benefits.

    for the more technically inclined

    RPGmaker 2003 has Heroes and Classes, heroes are characters, classes are... sorta like pokemon templates that you can apply to any character to turn them into whatever pokemon.

    Having a large amount of characters cause lag though... but classes don't really effect performance.

    I used to have it that all base pokemon were in the heroes section (charmander, caterpie, onix, etc) and the evolutions were in the classes (charmemeon, butterfree, steelix, etc) I restructed it so now all pokemon are in classes.

    Even though I can only have around 150 heroes (starts lagging for people when I go above that) I can have lots of (probably over 9000) classes

    So in a nutshell-
    you can only have around 150 pokemon at a time BUT thoes 150 could from a selection of potentially 350+

    In realitiy- because the way it's been programmed, of the 150 hero slots, aorund
    ~30 will be used for systems and stuff.
    ~80 will be normal prechosen pokemon
    so that leaves around 40 "phantom slots" that can turned into any pokemon class i've programmed

    these phantoms do have their downsides, like the inability to have proper PC box functions and whatnot and probably WON'T be avaliable in the next update.

    Side-effect of that restructring of the database, is that it is timeconsuming. I've spent the last few days doing that. Ive finished databasing, but the TMs are currently broken. I did re-wire the evolving system- and improved it while i was doing that
    Hey man, the updates are great. I really like that your updates small and frequent :D. This update specifically is a great idea, doing this will make the game a lot smaller and run more smoothly for everyone. I really appreciate all the effort you're putting into this.

    You know guys, he's doing this for us, the fans, I've read previous posts about problems with lag, and instead of ignoring this, he's working to fix it; to make it more enjoyable for everyone. Kudos to you, DarkDoom3000!
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