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    Originally Posted by sread123 View Post
    wow darkdoom nice update but on the point of evolution whats going to happen with pokemon that use happyness and other stuff like that as a requirement.... trying remember what generation the was introduced in.... any yeah nice update it was very informative and good to see your making good progress erm i know i shouldnt really ask but do you have an estemated time to which your going to release a updated demo? =)
    thanks sread123
    ps sorry for the spelling mistakes
    Most of the evolutions have been stripped down, Ive been trying to keep them simple, no trade evolutions, no happyness, no leveling up in spot x, etc. Only leveling and elemental stones.

    Onix -L42-> Steelix
    Abra -L16-> Kadabra -L36-> Alakazam
    Pichu -L16-> Pikachu -(thunderstone)-> Raichu

    I really wouldn't know when the next update is comming, To be safe, im gonna say some time next year :P

    Originally Posted by DForte View Post
    Im really sad to see the levela stone go. It was the most innovative way of evolving I've seen. I know Sread123 already asked, but how will pokemon that evolve by happiness, trading, etc. evolve? Also, since you're getting rid of the levla stone, how difficult would it be to have the pokemon evolve during battle? This is something I've always wished the pokemon games would have.The corrupt pokemon evolve mid-battle, so would it be an entirely different process, to have the trainer's pokemon evolve mid-battle when requirements are met?

    This is just something I've noticed, but I think you do more updates than any other fan games that I see., so thank you for keep the fans informed and keep up the great work.
    You actually liked the levla stone!? I only put it in there because I was too lazy to put the normal evolution process in. Plus I kept on forgetting that my Pokemon could have evolved.

    Plus the old levla stone technique caused lag because it had to check whether pokemon had that equiped all the time. while this new system only checks once, every time you finish a battle, then switches off.

    Evolving during battle? It's possible from my end, I would just do the same process as how eevee can change forms in-battle.

    problems occur like... the inability to show pictures inbattle (which is why when switching forms, the cool graphics arent shown)
    and you can't level up in the middle of a battle (... that would be cool though)

    Also, for enemeis it's a lot easier (ALOT EASIER) to get them to evolve. it just requires a click of a button. evolving enemy pokemon is just like in RPG games where the boss changes forms.

    heres a pic. a behind the scenes if you will.

    Originally Posted by Otheralias
    Hey man, the updates are great. I really like that your updates small and frequent . This update specifically is a great idea, doing this will make the game a lot smaller and run more smoothly for everyone. I really appreciate all the effort you're putting into this.

    You know guys, he's doing this for us, the fans, I've read previous posts about problems with lag, and instead of ignoring this, he's working to fix it; to make it more enjoyable for everyone. Kudos to you, DarkDoom3000!
    Thanks dude, people usually seem to like frequent update.
    The hero count was 108 in 0.25.. I increased it to 150 in 0.4. which deecreased performance among older computers.

    I've done some stuff to decrease lag by changing evolution process, the update method, limitbreak activations and whatnot.

    My computer doesn't lag, so Its kinda hard to tell whether it's been fixed.
    but i do hope it makes a difference. I want people to be able to play the game.
    Version 0.753 is out
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