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Originally Posted by DarkDoom3000 View Post

You actually liked the levla stone!? I only put it in there because I was too lazy to put the normal evolution process in. Plus I kept on forgetting that my Pokemon could have evolved.

Plus the old levla stone technique caused lag because it had to check whether pokemon had that equiped all the time. while this new system only checks once, every time you finish a battle, then switches off.
I guess I should've made myself more clear; when I said I like the levla stone, I liked the concept of it: Evolve when you're ready (given the requirements are met).

I hate that in all the other games that you have to hold the everstone to keep a pokemon from evolving or constantly pressing the cancel button every time its level increases.

Now that I look at your system, I guess I was a little confused and I still am. When you say it only checks once, does this mean it won't try to evolve every time the level increases? Also, if this is true, does this mean you can evolve whenever you're ready once the requirements are met?
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