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    Map Title: Icepeak City (I'm not one for making up names...)
    Description: This lovely litty City located in the North/West part of the Kansai region, only accesable through mountain hiking and cave exploration.
    Here you will find many ice type Pokemon and people very snug is warm clothing, since it so frequently snows.
    The gym leader resides in a chilling cave to the south of the map, where you must solve puzzles to reach her, after you defeat her you will be greatly rewarded if you travel deeper in the icy caverns.
    Credits: Dewitty, Alucus, Calis projects, Me for 90% of the snow edited tiles, and various other who may be a part of this map I've listed here (Since it's quite long) :


    Map was made in RMXP.
    Goodluck to everyone entering and I hope you enjoy my map.

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