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    wow, just saw this from your Sig, and it's Awesome man! Loved the idea of items over HM's, although I think ones such as Surf may be better, as Surf and Waterfall are actually quite strong moves to learn...

    I'd love to do some Fakemon Designing! it'd be an honour to have the Fakemon 've already started included in this game...

    (note: do you want completely new fakemon? or will you allow things such as prevo's and evo's of current Pokemon (such as Dunsparce, he desperately needs an evo)

    (also note: I'm asking this because I can't see the fakemon image you included in your post, I think that may need revision)

    well, yeah, Love to help out, and I'm joining DeviantArt now (I already have IRL friends on, I just needed an excuse XD)