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    Yay, Cocky in the team. But he's still Little Chicken for me. <3

    And the "What you want to see in 2011" thread has pretty interesting opinions. I tried zooming through them pretty fast, but they're just too many. v_v'

    On another note... I'm at the hotel today, since the slopes are completely full. Nobody went skiing, and I am sitting in the hotel lobby (where I have Wi-Fi signal) with people staring at what I search. I try keeping 5 tabs open at a time, and switch to something like Facebook when people stare, but it's so annoying... u_u

    1: 'Mono nature' challenge
    -Here's how this one will work; you have to complete any pkmn game using pokemon of one nature only. The person who comment's under you choses that nature, based on what they think of your personality (profile, signature, comments etc). Also, just to make it slightly more fun, you can only catch pokemon that slightly resemble that nature; ie if you get 'rash' you could have a primape or weaville, but not a alakazam or slaking.
    This actually came to my mind yesterday, but I thought people would just be annoyed because they can't get the nature they need... I'm pretty sure it will turn into an issue... '
    Well, okay. I'm here just to chat with people. Don't really care about signatures and stuff.