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Map Title: Road of Hopes and Dreams

Description: This thing is abstract. Just to tell you this first.

With a new year, comes hopes and dreams... and I'm sure everyone would like to chase it.

Well... it all begins in the bottom-left corner. It's deeply forested with lots and lots of grass. Right?

There's a resthouse in the beginning of the route. Just when you need the energy to get started for the new year!

Well, when you go further and further, you'll actually start to see the actual scenery behind the mini-forest. First, you can see the small pond. Across the pond is a city, symbolising hopes and dreams. And any Trainer with his or her worth will want to get in there, to chase their hopes and dreams - that's where the map's name came from. Moving further, you can get a close look at the cliffs and you can also literally smell the flowers. Sooner or later, you'll get off the tall grass, and begin walking on an actual road. Then you'll be walking on concrete. It's not far from the city from here on.

This map uses a S-shaped layout to get away with a small grid count while still being somewhat long. After a Trainer gets Surf, they can enjoy a shortcut through the small pond.

There is a Secret Base tree on a very small "island" in the middle of the small pond. Again, it is only accesible with Surf. The other Secret Base tree is worse than the pond-island one because of.. limited space.

There is a Berry plot somewhere. Grow your Berries - grow your hopes and dreams. That's what I can say.

(By the way, can you find "2011" in the map?)

Credits: I used AdvanceMap 1.92 and Emerald default tilesets. No alterations made to the default tilesets.