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    Originally Posted by cheatfreak23 View Post
    I discovered the water area that took me to a large misty city area...I didnt encounter much of anything in there. I was a little freaked out, but nothing serious. I also managed to find some interesting Pokedex entries and caught a new Madio. I cant wait to start training him. Snakewood's shaping up to be a really great game...
    Whose entries might they be? And was this the one Madio that can do something special, that no other Madio can do? Because one Madio can do that, you know - he can actually turn into a normal, mostly useful Pokémon.

    Hey, Cutlerine... Just a quick question before I continue training up something that may or may not be crap... Does Secretegg/Mysteryegg still evolve like before or not?
    Raaxon, the Mysteryegg line still evolves as it did before. Nothing has changed there. Mysteryegg>Secretegg>Hyperegg>Your choice.

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