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    Man am I glad for this thread (and that it's a sticky!). As a newbie to fan game making, it really helps to be able to see what NOT to do. It's interesting what seems to be all around no-nos, and what seems to be more a matter of taste. I now have good idea of what to pay attention to while I'm working on my game.

    There's a few things I wanted to comment on as well.

    Fakemon- It seems that it's not necessarily the design or even the existence of a fakemon that people don't like, but the quality of it's sprite. I feel the same way. I personally love seeing peoples ideas, but if the art sucks, it just ruins it for me. Pokemon Chaos Black was the first ever fan game I've played, and it almost completely turned me off from fan games forever!

    Bad grammar/spelling- It drives me crazy! This is by far the worst, absolute worst thing a person can do in a game. What the frack is so hard to understand about running your text through a spell/grammar check? Or maybe even having a few people proofread a few times? I don't even tolerate bad grammar or spelling because the creator isn't a native English speaker, get some one who is to help you! There's been a few games I've played that I quite because of the language.

    Huge maps- Even though the game I'm working on is enormous, I actually agree with this. I hate games that are massive for no reason. I makes me feel lost and apprehensive, which would be fine if that where the reason for large ares (like in mine), but to do it just for the heck of it drives me nuts. It's not bad though if there's huge areas balanced with smaller, tighter ones. That I actually like.

    No creativity- Another thing that boggles my mind, is that people actually bother to put the effort to make a game, with a program that is so incredibly versatile as RMXP, and not actually add anything significantly new. I mean, what's the point? Hacks I can understand to an extent, since they are so limited, but to be lazy like that while using something that grants you so much freedom is just asinine.

    No/bad demos- This is another thing that really confuses me. The point of a demo is to show off new features and to get people excited in your game. Again, if your not going to at least try to do that, then why even bother?

    No one seem to know how to script- Like I said I'm new to this, but if I can't get the scripting down, I'm not even going to bother with my game. It's like saying you want to write a novel but you don't actually know how to write! It's not like Ruby is even hard to understand. I think the problem is that it actually takes time and effort to learn.

    Presenting the game early/ no updates/ not finishing it- This is why I'm not even going to bother to make a thread for mine until it's about 75% complete. The Showcase forums on this site are actually really disappointing The only two complete games that I've played are full of errors, and the rest of them seem like they're never actually going to happen. So, so sad.

    And lastly, making promises that can't be kept- This one I can see being very upsetting. This is why I've only ever mentioned what I want to add to my game, and not what I am. It's awesome when people come up with really cool ideas, but to say they're going to be added to the game and then not do it is really, really lame.

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