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    Hey , I stumbled upon this page, read it, watched the vid... screamed like a little girl, and texted my friend about this, with more than a few "Eeeeeeeeeeee!"s included. You are a feckin genius, and I love you, and I am going to treat this with as high esteem as I would any Final Fantasy game!

    And there is a guy on Deviant Art that has drawings of Eeveelutions for all 17 types. His name is ~Benzophenone-4 and the drawing is called Eeveelutions Redone.

    Anywhoozle, much as I'd like to actually play this game, I can't get it to start up. I click on the exe (tried both applications, same reaction), but it will only make the screen go black (trying to go into full screen?), then a popup appears saying: "Direct Draw Error DDERR_EXCEPTION"
    I tried googling that, but to no avail, could you give any suggestions?
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