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Originally Posted by Nimblethumbs View Post
I like the noodle ones, except that the noodles blend into easily with the blue. How about it becomes a lighter color?
Perhaps. Anyway, I think for now we should pay some attention to concepts other than just Chanpuff. :/
Originally Posted by dragonite149 View Post
OK, so, more info on the platypus Pokemon!
Name: Perripus
Species: Secret Agent Pokemon.
Type/s: Water/Fighting
Pokédex Entry: Perripus is a secret agent, but he likes to laze around in ponds in his spare time. He seems to like wearing brown fedoras.
Ability/ies: Quick Feet/Intimidate
Gender Ratio: 100% male, 0% female.

Yes, it is a WIP, but I want to be the one to finish it so I can display it in my wonderful gallery of cool sprites Failmon instead of my suckish pillowshade flower whose name I am not going to mention. So, no touchy~

Also, the colours are there to remind me what part is what.

And yes, Perry the Platypus is from Phineas and Ferb.
Um...I'm not so sure about having a Perry the Platypus Pokémon. :/ It's just a copied idea. Perhaps we could come up with a different idea for a platypus Pokémon?

Originally Posted by Poster View Post
>And yes, Perry the Platypus is from Phineas and Ferb.


How about a bowl of rice? Using shades of grey and white could do it. Also since not many colours have been used on this one. (Dunno how rice will look like in the shiny version though lol)
Well, as ~Wind~ said (V) it's the noodle Pokémon. Perhaps there could be an "opposing" Pokémon based around rice. Though that's for later, as we're PACKED with ideas and are lacking sprites.

Originally Posted by ~Wind~ View Post
Yeah, except it's the noodle pokemon.
I like both versions, the noodles are good.
But then i thought of something, maybe the noodles could be part of the female version?
or maybe just smaller noodles on females?
I think we're overthinking Chanpuff. :/
Originally Posted by dragonite149 View Post
When I saw platypus on the list of things to do, I just had to do a Perry the Platypus sprite.

And here it is, with the palette!

I think it's a bit meh-ish, though.
Yeah...but like I said, I'm not so sure about the idea as a whole. :/

Originally Posted by ~Wind~ View Post
I like the one without noodles best, after all, it is part normal type, and jigglypuff (which everyone seems to be likening it to) only has its tuft of hair.
Originally Posted by dragonite149 View Post
What do you mean by 'straighten out the body'? If you tell me, I'll do it myself. (Sorry, I don't want to do a collab with anyone. So I can display it in my thread.)
Um, the whole idea of this thread is to work together. :/

Originally Posted by Nimblethumbs View Post
His body and face look unnatural. Make the lines straighter.

New idea brought to this page...

Name: Blaydyte
Bladetail pokemon
Abilities: Guts
Type: Steel
Pokedex: It is a small yellow creature with no distinguishable head. It's skin is so tough only a diamond cutter can penetrate it. Blaydyte has a blue line running all the way down it's back, forming into an arrow between it's eyes (If you ever watched Avatar: The last airbender when you were little, it looks like aang's arrow). It has a blue marking on each of it's four stout, stubby little legs. It has a jagged razor blade as a tail, but one side of it is stuck to it's rear/back part of it's body, leaving just the blade sticking out, giving Blaydyte the inability to swish it's tail. Blaydyte has a small blunt horn on it's forehead, used for shaving off treebark, it's staple diet. Blaydyte then sits on the treebark to cut it into bite-sized pieces. All of Blaydyte's attacks are attack based, and are carried out with its bladetail, so it looks really wierd, as the opponent sees the rear end of the pokemon flying at them. It's horn is unsuitable for combat. One thing is sure: You don't want this pokemon sitting on you.
...can we not have any more ideas, please?

Originally Posted by Logiedan View Post

There's too many hightlights in my opinion. It makes it look more glossy and shiny. ):
I'll edit it...eventually.
Originally Posted by blackmoonflower View Post
Well, since Chesu mentioned a bombardier beetle, and I already had a concept hidden away somewhere, I decided to give it a shot.

Bombacid, the Acid Beetle Pokemon.

I couldn't decide on a color. And it may have come out a little big... >.>
Feel free to make edits if need be.
It's nice <:.

Originally Posted by Chesu View Post
I'm a little confused on why Chanpuff has a "shiny" version when it doesn't even have a finalized sprite yet...

It is kind of big. Regarding the color, purple and orange play well together; maybe use the orange version, but make the orange stripe on the head and the spots purple?
I am, too. I'm not so sure why we've given it special attention.

Originally Posted by tnguye3 View Post
You could try add chopsticks for Chanpuff, maybe that would emphasize the noodle Pokemon. xD
In any case imo the sprite's already good as it is.

Originally Posted by tnguye3 View Post
here's Swampike:

Name: Swampike
Type/s: Water
Pokédex Entry: It is a large pokemon, as big as gyarados. It has a short temper. Scientists are unsure how wimpike evolves into this monster.
Ability/ies: Torrent/intimidate
Description: [Wimpike's evolution]

Originally Posted by blackmoonflower View Post
Changed it up a little as suggested.


Originally Posted by xoax View Post
Some weird-ish ideas...:

Well,as the ideas are no longer accepted,i have just detailized my previous ones:

Name: Lounaul
Name Origin: Corrupted mix of "Lone" and "Lunar"
Type/s: Ghost/Dark
Pokedex Entry: It is wandering through the night sky flying with huge speed swiftly on its weird crest that is said to be a piece of the moon. There are many folk tales which say it is a ghost of a poor,lonely man wandering around the world.
Description: It looks like a long beard flying on a crest resembling a lunar one.
It's light blue and has yellow,"evil" eyes.
Ability/ies:Inner Focus or Own Tempo

Name: Permask
Name Origin: "Perish" and "Mask"
Type/s: Water
Pokedex: It lives in cold seas. It often emits sound waves
in the water,they sound like it's screaming from pain.
Ablility/ies: Soundproof
Description: A boomerang-like thing with a sad face,with dull,black eyes. It's blue,the ends of the "boomerang" are dark green.

Name: Tanlare
Name Origin: "Tangle" or "Tentacle" and "Scare" or "Glare"
Type/s: Water/Dark
Pokedex entry: It lives at the bottom of the sea. When someone
comes up,it jumps on it and tries to bite it.
Ablility/ies: Intimidate or Pressure
Description: A blue theatral mask with huge fangs,big mouth and dull,black eyes. It has holes in its body,and green tentacles grow out them.

Name: Chicari
Name Origin: "Chick" and corrupted "Air"
Type/s: Normal/Flying
Pokedex entry: Despite its tiny look,it can rule storms,gusts and cyclones.
It possesses high ablities in tracking the opponent.
Ablility/ies: Speed Boost
Description: A chick made of blue clouds. It has large,green eyes,a small beak,and stubby legs. It has a cute, innocent expression. It also has blue angel wings.
I appreciate the effort, but let's not work on more concepts, let's work on the sprites now. :>

Originally Posted by Chesu View Post
I think I'm going to give Snakeason a try as my first B/W-style sprite.

Originally Posted by Logiedan View Post
I think it'll be nice if you added the name origin like ikeCharmander's name is like Char(to burn) + Salamander also add the species so it could help the spriters with the concepts and designs.
Etymology, yes. Some ideas have it on the first post. I'll add it to the form (and the species).

Originally Posted by Chesu View Post
There should also be a list of things the we need and don't need. For example, I think there hasn't been a single Fighting-type suggested, while grass and water are in surplus (sorry about that). I mean, this project will probably be going for a pretty long time, there's no rush, and even if it ends up with seventy Grass-types only the best will be chosen for the final index... but having a direction to launch from always helps.
Good idea, though that won't be a priority as we aren't going to be working on concepts for a while (I think we should get at least a third of these concepts sprited, even if it's just WIPs).

Originally Posted by tnguye3 View Post
Anyways, I did a Blaydyte quickie, though I couldn't make out what it was by reading the description and the only thing that came to my mind was a beetle...


Originally Posted by dead-man-walking View Post
Jumping on the bandwagon to give you guys ideas. :3 I can't sprite for a living, though. ):
I see pistol shrimp and narwhal. This is gonna be epic.

GAUSSRIMP ("Gauss"+"Shrimp")
Guts/Sniper/Sheer Force

Dex Entry
It stores up energy on its bent arms. When releasing a strike with its arms, it releases shockwaves that could stun a larger Pokemon. Their small size makes them easily underestimated, though.

Written Description
A gray-ish blue lobster with blue-colored arms and pincers. Its arms are bent back, forming a makeshift held-back club. Its legs are also blue.

NARLBARD ("Narwhal"+"Halberd". I know it sucked big time)
*No idea for abilities*

Dex Entry
It is usually docile. But the males become wilder and more competitive in mating seasons. Many fishing ships have been destroyed by NARLBARD during mating seasons. This is due to their bad eyesight.

Written Description

Armored whale with a... halberd-thingy... on its lower maw. The non-covered parts are blue, and the armor pieces are light gray.

Hope that helps. :)
I think it's best if we work on sprites for now, instead of introducing more concepts. Remember, you can always expand on what we have!

Originally Posted by Poster View Post
About Blaydyte: you got it accurately, I think...but imo if I didn't see the typing I wouldn't have guessed that this is a Steel type at all. ;/
I agree. Perhaps some steel plating?

Originally Posted by tnguye3 View Post
I think it's fine as it is (excuse - actually I'm too lazy).
And yeah I tried to put more highlights to emphasize the "steel"ness but hey! Jirachi doesn't look Steel-ish. xD

Well, if anyone wants to make fixes/edits/improvements feel free to edit my sprites, they still aren't finalized-ish anyways. ^_~

Now, back to playing the 3rd birthday...

Okay, just in case I haven't said it enough:

For now, let's work on the concepts we already have, instead of giving more and more ideas. I think we should get at least 1/3 of the concepts we have now sprited before we add more ideas. Thanks!
If, however, you can provide a sprite with a concept, than it's fine. It's just concepts without sprites that we have in excess! n_n

A Pokemon that is discriminated!
Support squirtle and make it everyone's favourite.