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Did someone mention fighting Pokémon?

Name: Bunpaw
Etymology: Bunny+paw
Species: Rabbit
Class: The Big Paw Pokémon
Type/s: Fighting
Pokédex Entry: This Pokémon's large paws act as boxing gloves. It loves to play-fight with other Pokémon to prove its strength.
Ability/ies: Guts/Limber
Description: 1st stage fighting rabbit

Name: Jackapaw
Etymology: Jackalope+paw
Species: Jackalope
Class: The Punching Pokémon
Type/s: Fighting
Pokédex Entry: Jackapaw spends most of its time practicing punches. Fallen trees and broken boulders are common signs of its training.
Ability/ies: Guts/Limber
Description: Evolution of Bunpaw

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