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    I haven't tried the Mew Glitch, but I have caught Mew with the Ditto Glitch, an extention of thed Mew Glitch. If memory serves me right you can do it like this:

    1. Find a trainer you haven't battled yet that will walk to you.
    2. Go up until you are 1 step beyond the point where he/she sees you. Basically that translates to stand at the point where, if you are at the corner of the route left of Fushia City (I forgot the route number...) you have to be at the point where if you go one step down, the trainer will be directly below you at the bottom of the screen. At this point, you might want to save if you are not good at the following step:
    3. Go down one step. At the same time press the START button. That way you will be standing in front of the trainer you are using with the menu up. Go to the pokemon screen and use your Flying and or Digging Pokemon (if you're in a dungeon, like Mt. Moon.) and fly\dig away. (an Escape Rope works fine in dungeons too.) If you did it right an exclamation point will pop up before you fly away.
    4. find a trainer you can battle. Make sure said trainer has to walk to you, or the game will freeze. At this point the menu won't pop up if you press START. Battle this trainer.
    5. Find a wild ditto. Make sure the ditto uses Transform on the Pokemon who's Special Stat you are using as the modifier, then run. (if you want Mew, have a Pokemon with a Special Stat of 21.)
    6. Walk back to the trainer you flew away from at step 1. Make sure you don't run into any wild Pokemon. When you get there, the menu will pop up suddenly. Exit the menu, and a wild battle will start. If you used a Special Stat of 21, Mew will appear.

    That was a sucky tutorial... look on Youtube for more details... -.-

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