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    To DarkPulse94...

    If you read the RP rules, then you get the main idea of "god-modding"

    "God-modding" is the same as powerplaying... or control of another person's character that isn't yours.

    "Bunnying"... I think.. is fighting? I still don't know but I've seen this word.. Meh, it has a relevance to fighting.. what so ever.



    Fantasy - HIT!
    > Of course this would be a hit~
    Horror - MISS..
    > I can't even dare myself to watch Paranormal activity.. Even though I want to! *^*
    Mystery - HIT!
    > I just love me a good mystery~
    Slice-Of-Life - UNDECIDED.
    > Well, I find these kinds boring, but still quite interesting if the storyline is unique.
    Romance - UNDECIDED.
    > I have absolutely no comment about this.
    Thriller - HIT!
    > Yeah, I guess I kinda do like this Genre.. But not much. (This is still way better than Horror.. *^*)
    Sci-Fi - HIT!
    > Yup! I love watching shows that have this genre! And I really wanted to roleplay it once.. Hehe
    Tragedy - MISS...
    > It's just the same as Horror.. T^T