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    Hey guys I want to enter, already did the first part today on Red. Ultimate Challenge with Blastoise, Arcanine and Rhydon/Rhyperior(Platinum). Beat the E4+Moron(Rival lol) with:
    Primo (Blastoise) lvl 64: Submission, Ice Beam, Surf, Body Slam
    Secundo (Arcanine) lvl 53: Fire Blast, Take Down, Agility, Flamethrower
    Tremo (Rhydon): Earthquake, Rock Slide, Take Down, Horn Drill(missed 4x in a row vs Dragonite gar!)

    I'll upload screenshots/my vids when I get the chance, it's nearly 1am here so I'm off to bed. Please enter me into the list of challengers for Ultimate completed challengers for just Red Trio Species.

    EDIT: Actually guys, this team sorta bores me. Just doing it as a Trio species for Red version, will be choosing a different team to do this later, as soon as I complete some other challenges. Also, if anyone wants to know a good emulator for the first 2 gens, LAMEBOY.nds is great to play on R4 or the like, speed up is 2-3 times faster. Only thing is no gamesharking possible, so maybe do that part on the computer. I always found that VBA just goes TOO fast for me to properly enjoy.
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