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    Mizavie (Japanese: ネズヒコ Nezuhiko) is a Flying/Ground-type legendary Fakemon introduced in Pokemon HeavenEarth Version. It can only be obtained through a special promotional event. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokemon.

    Mizavie was not planned to be officially revealed until after the game's release. However, the creator accidently revealed it while launching the beta HeavenEarth Version website.

    Mizavie was shown in a fake Pokemon Black & White Version screencap in effort to fool people into believing it was a new Pokemon. Though this screencap shows Mizavie to be a female, Mizavie is actually genderless.


    Mizavie is loosely based on the Long-eared Flying Mouse (Idiurus macrotis), but plays more on the name. It also resembles the already-existing Pokemon, Pikachu.

    Mizavie's Japanese name, Nezuhiko, comes from the Japanese word for mouse (nezumi) and flying (hiko). Its English name is a corruption of the Croatian word for mouse, miševi.

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