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I will be starting up the Lyrics challenge.

Ugliest: Might be a little hard for me to decide, but I guess I'd do it. xD Maybe I could pick a game with really bad sprites so I have a larger variety. (lolGreen)
Who knows, maybe it can evolve into a "Most Beautiful Pokemon Challenge". 8D

Egg swap: I think this is a great idea. So are you just breeding eggs and you just keep swapping them out until a certain point where you have 3 in your party and they hatch? Or is it literally like the New Year's Egg Swap? Because then people on emulators would have some trouble with this. They could still trade (even though a lot of people don't know how) but I find it kind of...troublesome. xP
Please tell me if I have the concept completely wrong, because I feel like I do.

Nature challenge: I think that version sounds okay. Having two natures would probably make it a little better, since there are twenty-five natures.

It tosses its enemies around with agility. It uses all its limbs to fight in its own unique style.
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