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    I had these on my mind for a while but haven't committed on doing these stories but here they are.

    Plot Idea 1 - The story is about a man name Ricky a secret agent but disguised as a police officer went to heal his pokemon at the pokecenter. But once seeing the Nurse Joy at the desk. He pulls off a Brock and falls in love. As soon as he can seduce her. Her shift was over and quickly went to the washroom. And a older Nurse Joy took her place. and Ricky gets turned off. He waits for a few more hours but she never returned..

    One day later, he goes back to the same center to talk to the Nurse Joy but instead of seeing the young Joy he sees a old Joy. And asked where the Joy he spotted was. In reply she went to the Nurse Joy Convention in Goldenrod City for the weekend.

    Thus him and his Pokemon companion Marowak travel to Goldenrod and go to the Convention. Using his Agent skills to seeks out the Nurse Joy he fell in love with and comes across a few major problems while at it.

    Plot Idea 2 - This is about a noob trainer name Maxy, who received his first Pokemon at Professor Oaks lab. Oak runs for washroom to take a dump and warns him NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING. But he does...He finds a machine with one capsule on what side a a small platform for a poke-ball. He then activates it and go into the capsule . The machine does it's stuff and teleports Maxy and his Pokemon into the Poke-ball. He is teleported into a world full of mazes and other things. And has to find a way out.

    Oak in the other hand comes back from the washroom , lost on where Maxy is then puts poke-ball that Maxy is in into a bucket full of other...wait for it...wait for it...poke-balls!

    Yay, out of my mind yup yup LOL...
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