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* What do you like to come to G&P for?
I came to hang out with friends and show off my work; get feedback and the like. I liked seeing my tags running all over the forum.

* What would you like to see more of here?
Less srsbsns. I really think people need to get their heads out of their asses. xD
That tends to be a tendency of most Graphic Artists though. Most GFX artists end up as arrogant bigots. xD

* Are you a graphic artist or do graphics yourself?
I was, but not anymore.

* Do you ever enter the competitions which G&P host in the Competitions sub-forum?
I used to.

* If so, why/why not?
SOMEBODY always decided to enter WHENEVER I did, and blow my entry out of the water!! xDD (Even when I didn't enter for like, AGES I'd enter and BAM there they were. xD) There was also never anything really in it for me back then, since all the prizes I could just give myself anyhow. (And picking themes is SUCH a drag. xD)

* Do you think that Shop's are becoming a thing of the past?
Yeah. Definitely. Aren't they already? o_O

* If yes, why so?
Because like I said: People's heads are in their asses. They don't want to use ~that~ stock. It's so n00by~! (Yeah I plead guilty on this count. xD)
I also think that the current member base has like, de-learned how to pick suitable stocks for graphic artists to use- that's another problem we have which makes our current GFXer's less inclined to open a shop.

* If you could change one thing about this section, what would it be?
The individualistic style- the whole "you do your stuff, I'll do mine." I definitely know I set the pace for the way G&P is today with my elitism back in the day, so I'm sorry you have to deal with it now, Ab. xD But I really think the whole deal where people just post their stuff in their galleries and only comment on other peoples' galleries just so that they can get a comment in THEIR gallery? C'mon. It's called a COMMUNITY for a reason. :I This also sort of applies to the dead GFX Rating Thread. Man we used to have like, rating SPREES that were really fun.

Really, if I could change one thing about this section, it'd be the entire memberbase. But alas, I can't do that, which is why I'm never around anymore. xD
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