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With number 1 - I do wonder at the relevance of him being a secret agent - would that job come into the story in any way? Using 'Agent Skills' just to find someone sounds a bit odd too seeing people can use their....normal skills to try to find someone. =p If you mean more by that than do tell, along with the 'major problems'. The idea could work as long as you plan it well and make his interest in this specific Nurse Joy (as they all look the same) believable...

As for the 2nd idea, I do agree that it seems a bit odd for there to be a maze in the Pokeball for some reason - is it a special pokeball, and if so... why is there even a maze anyway, and why was it in the machine anyway if he just puts it in a bucket? Also you say that 'he and his Pokemon' get sucked into the Pokeball... but yet also say he went to get his first Pokemon from Oak which is contradictory. Did he somehow get it first? Oak suddenly having to go like like does sound...unprepared for Oak as well, tbh, especially that he doesn't notice that the machine had been used as well (because I would think a machine that can do that would at least make some beeps and boops and show some indication it did something).
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