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    Originally Posted by DarkDoom3000 View Post
    The map is awful, but it being a test room, I can't really complain. The items on the side I assume are incomplete. put proper boxes around them and put them in the corner. or somewhere. and make them consistent with the presentation of the pokeball.

    The pokemon inside the ball looks really cool. I love that, and being able to drag and drop your pokemon into the feild is an awesome idea.

    @zigzags Looks pretty good, the top screen looks way too empty though.
    It feels like theres something missing from the middle.

    Would be nice to see an enlarged graphic of the item in the top screen or something like taht.

    Helemet look ok, seems like it needs one more shade of colour.

    I was thinking of adding the item in the middle, and the description right under it, also w/ using game variables depending on the "clothing" the player has it will display its charset.
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