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    Pokemon Osaka (Yeah we ran out of colors)
    Storyline, you have been professor pines assitant for the summer and are researching the mysterious reigion of Osaka. Suddenly a teen break in and try to steal one of Pines pokemon, you grab one, Your rival Rio manages to grab the second while the stranger grabs the last one. Pine reveals that the teen was the son of team Genome, and that there a group of teens who demand the most powerful pokemon, and will go to any extreme to MAKE THEM. You start your quest and meet many freinds.
    As you progress you find a land where time acts different, and as you continue your gym challange you return to the main world and discover that Team Genome and Team knight are at war and destroying city after city. You try to stop them and discover that they have captured the legends and are unstopable. Right before you pass out celebi comes and transports you back to the cave of time. From here you must stop the badguys before they become unstopable. Catch extinct pokemon and go into the future and see what happens if you fail.
    Time periods. Dinosaurs, Midevil, Wild west, 20 years in the past, modern times, 20 years in the future.