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    Originally Posted by Karpman View Post
    I came up with the idea for a challenge, where you set up a small group and hold a "mini-draft" on MSN/AIM.
    Basically you would draft evolution lines and playthrough the game. If a Pokemon faints, than it's permaboxed, although you
    can catch/trade as many members of the evo lines you drafted as you want.
    EDIT: Oh yes, Myrrh detests trading, he doesn't even want to use a Kingdra for his HG Water Monotype.
    Your cool idea gave me a cool idea! Pokecommunity should hold a cup of sorts. We have a signup time. Everyone who wants to participate in the cup signs up. Then, two teams are made, with an equal balance of experienced people, new people, and people in between. Then, we'll have two different drafts, one for the experienced people and one for the new people (so that there will be more Pokemon available). We'll set some rules like total number of rounds, maybe a "salary cap", etc. Then, we will publish another signup sheet. It will have some Nuzlockes, Monotypes, Solos, speed runs, etc. People on your team gather and sign up for slots in the challenges. We'll discuss beforehand if we want just one challenge per person, or if we want two, etc. People gather and discuss because some people won't have a strong team for Monotypes, but have one really strong solo runner. They'll sign up for a solo challenge most likely. You can only use your own Pokemon, not your teammates. After you have everyone on your team signed up, the other team's lineup would be revealed. Then you start playing your assigned challenge, and fastest completion (by in game time) of the challenge wins! There will be like a one month period to finish or else you forfeit and the other team wins. Whichever team gets the most points by the end of the month wins!