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ok to answer u'r first question.....yes...and no.....u can make him only go in with one pokemon but not under a certain level............and u are going to have trouble with that cause he can still take the pokemon out from the pc in the pokemon center in the next town there is no way to make him release his pokemon.........but u figure that out...the way to make a toll booth that only allows one pokemon is this
#dynamic 0x<FSF OFFSET>

#org @start
bla bla bla(here make the guy look at the player)
compare 0x800D 0x1
if 0x0 goto @nopass
msgbox @goahead 0x6( make him say something like "u have only 1 pokemon...good pass!!")

#org @nopass
blablabla(here make the guy say u have too much pokemon and then make the player go one step back)
if you want to play around with it.....the 0x1 in the if command can be changed to the following conditions:
Lower Than (0x0)
Equals (0x1)
Greater Than (0x2)
Lower than or Equal to (0x3)
Greater than or Equal to (0x4)
Not exactly equal to (0x5)
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