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    I haven't voted on the poll just yet, but I'm playing the demo now and in relation to the camera....I think the only one that works well is the "Set and Lock" option.

    With the other two the buildings look like they're moving all looks very messy. Not good.

    Also the zoom out get's a bit ridiculous after a while. Not sure why anyone would want to reduce the map to the size of an ant....

    The zoom out seems good, it's cool to be right at the back of the character. One thing's just a perspective issue I think but the roofs on the houses look a bit strange when you've zoomed in and moved the camera more flat along the ground. It's like the top of the roof is slipping down over the house more than it should...

    I voted "no zoom" but really I mean "less of it". I don't really get why you're asking which camera type you want to include in the game....can't you include them all? (or two of them) What about lazy people (like me :p) who don't want to spend ages rotating the camera to get it just right? I prefer the set and lock mode...

    I hope that helps a little
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