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I asked him but he said something like "there is a flstudio patch called magicsseq that lets you loop and play the .sseq files without converting it, it is on gbatemp". I searched for it and it did not exist, I think he was tricking people or something because he never gave anyone the link. Well hopefully looping will be figured out, great tutorial btw.
It exists, because I have it installed in my FL Studio 9 :D. But I don't know how it works because it crashes and I'm not going to distribute it because I don't know if the creator wants this...

Oh, and I know how to loop tracks. Just add 94+XXXXXX at the end of each SSEQ track (XXXXXX = offset to where you want to start the loop, in reversed hex).

Keep in mind that files CANNOT BE REPOINTED!
Who said that? Because I have like 6 tracks in my Diamond track repointed, and some of them are even bigger than the originals! At the start of the SDAT, there's a table with the size and the offset to each of the files, and you can edit it with a hex editor. Also, you can extract a SDAT with NDS Editor, edit the files and repack it.
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