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    Originally Posted by shaqattacks View Post
    I asked him but he said something like "there is a flstudio patch called magicsseq that lets you loop and play the .sseq files without converting it, it is on gbatemp". I searched for it and it did not exist, I think he was tricking people or something because he never gave anyone the link. Well hopefully looping will be figured out, great tutorial btw.
    It exists, because I have it installed in my FL Studio 9 :D. But I don't know how it works because it crashes and I'm not going to distribute it because I don't know if the creator wants this...

    Oh, and I know how to loop tracks. Just add 94+XXXXXX at the end of each SSEQ track (XXXXXX = offset to where you want to start the loop, in reversed hex).

    Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
    Keep in mind that files CANNOT BE REPOINTED!
    Who said that? Because I have like 6 tracks in my Diamond track repointed, and some of them are even bigger than the originals! At the start of the SDAT, there's a table with the size and the offset to each of the files, and you can edit it with a hex editor. Also, you can extract a SDAT with NDS Editor, edit the files and repack it.
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