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    So, recently joined and seeing this forum has got me in the mood to start writing again. And then I remembered a very curious story idea I had a year or two ago, which I think I may finally follow up on...

    While playing Pokemon Red (again), I started dreaming up a totally new plot and setting, and radically altered several of the characters, and even the basic premise. There are no Pokemon in this version of Pokemon. Instead, the whole game revolves around martial arts. The main character ("Red") and his starter Pokemon (a Charmander, which means Misty ends up being harder than the Elite Four, but oh, well) are the same person. The other five Pokemon are a team of other fighters the main character picks up along the way.

    The Indigo League is no longer just a competition, either. Centuries ago, the people of Kanto and the rest of the Empire it is apart of decided to start a martial arts tradition that would put a stop to the incessant succession wars that raged across the archipelago. Although wars still happen on occasion, they are much less frequent due to this new tradition.

    According to this tradition, for one year after the ruler of any of the three kingdoms has passed away (including the Ice Kingdom to the north, the ruler of which is also the Emperor of the entire archipelago), his heir shall not take the throne. Instead, any noble who wishes the throne for themselves may journey to the residence of the king (in the case of Kanto, this is the Indigo Palace) and challenge the current heir to a traditional mock battle between their two Namaka's, small bands of trusted friends, advisors, and fellow warriors. The winner of this battle becomes the new heir apparent. A year after the death of the king, the current heir apparent becomes king.

    There is another tradition by which one may join the nobility. In this tradition, one must journey to the stronghold ruling noble of each of the eight cities and fight a mock battle with them. Simply gaining entry to the noble's palace often requires a test of loyalty to the city and the Empire to which it belongs. After defeating the noble's Nakama, the leader of the group shall receive their Seal. The bearer of all eight Seals is made a Knight of Kanto and, thus, is eligible to make a bid for the throne at the Indigo Palace.

    There's more to it than just that, of course. Each city has its own sub-plot, sometimes tied to the events in the actual game, sometimes just made up from the kind of trainers who're out and about in the area. There's a character dynamic between the main character, as yet unnamed, and the rival, whose working name is Gary Stu. The main character's Nakama is a whole host of interesting personalities on top of that. A shy, quiet thirteen year old nicknamed Silent Hill who turns out to be a real demon in combat, and her less competent older brother, Noisy Hill. The Tiny Baron, a fiery sixteen year old girl of questionable ethics and impulsive wit. Max Goldberg, a fugitive on the run from the Viridian City Guard who's out to liberate his city from the iron-fisted rule of the Marquis Giovanni. And more, but this is really far too long already.

    Now if you've made it through all of that, I'm hardly in a position to ask more of you, but I would like to know if you're interested in seeing this story written out. So, please respond!
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