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    Originally Posted by Bay Alexison View Post
    OKay, first off...

    I'm totally confused over this part. You think you can explain it a bit more?
    Each member of the band of heroes is analogous to one of the Pokemon from the game, which is why the band (inexplicably) never has more than six people in it. So, the role played by Charmander in the game (i.e. fighting things, typically the most powerful Pokemon in the group) and the role played by Red in the game (i.e. the main character) are fulfilled by the same person.

    Also, I'm not advertising this as a Pokemon fic. It'd be an original fic, with lots of names/places/geography lifted from Pokemon (the eight ruling nobles are directly named after the Kanto gym leaders, their cities' names and locations are lifted straight from the game, Team Rocket's activities in Mt. Moon, Lavender Town, and Saffron and Celadon Cities are all exactly the same). Because of the obvious ties to the Pokemon world, I decided to pitch it here to see if anyone would be interested in reading it (if it was a Pokemon fic, I wouldn't pitch it, I'd just write it and see how the first chapter goes, since I know people on a Pokemon forum will be interested in reading a Pokemon story).

    I could go through and rename everything in order to cut ties with Pokemon completely, and just hope that no one notices that the geography of the world, the activities of the criminal organization, and the basic "defeat eight people so you can defeat four more people so you can be a champion and also your rival shows up a lot" are all copy/pasted. Even then, though, where would I post it? There's not much market for original fiction of non-professional quality, even when given away for free.
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