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Hallo xxashxx you are interested of this
Aura Mew,id.20078,10.10.08,brave,Highly Curios
Aura Mew,id.20078,10.10.08,mild,loves to eat
EON Ticket Latios,27.12.10,id.64115,naive,likes to relax
Channel Jirachi,26.12.10,id.40122,sassy,likes to trash about
all 10 Jahre german
Lugia,id.06227,27.12.10,bold,likes to trash about
Latias,id.06227,27.12.10,relaxed,Thoroughly cunning
Entei,id.06227,27.12.10,lax,very finicky
Raikou,id.06227,27.12.10,timid,somewhat stubborn
Ho-Oh,id.06227,27.12.10,mild,highly persistent
Pikachu,id.06227,26.03.08,modest,impetous and silly
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