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Originally Posted by 560cool. View Post
Maybe some people have pretty weak machines (or netbooks...) and can't run a DS ROM properly. I think that people should decide whether they want Gen I or V, or anything inbetween (spelled it wrong, I think >.<).
Also, a lot of the HG/SS roms are broken. I still have a freezing issue on mine. I got used to it (save a lot, exit the emulator instead of resetting to overwrite the save file), but for those who haven't played on a rom, this would cause major frustration. I also agree with 560cool on the comp issue.

I think we should have different generations up for grabs as well. I would try and get Blue because that's the only cartridge I have. Everything else is on my comp, and if I tried to play Red or Yellow, the speed button would totally mess me up - gotta assign something like the end button of something lol.

Why not try and see if we can do multiple generations/regions? There's more variety that way, and you can split the families based on game availability as well.