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    Hey there, people. I've been into ROM hacking for a while and I always wanted to make my own hack. The problem was that I'd start, get bored, and then quit. Well, I'm determined not to quit this time. I decided to see what people thought of my story because I figured positive feed back would keep me going, anyways, here it is:

    One Island- Your home. Playing at the beach, watching the clouds, and hanging out with your friends, its paradise; or at least it was when you were younger. You're 16 now, the ocean waves aren't as amazing, the clouds don't take shape anymore, the constant sunshine is annoying(FireRed reference), and all your friends are gone; off on adventures with their Pokemon. Custom in Sevi states that your father is supposed to go out and get you your Starter Pokemon(you're a kid, on an Island, how else would you get it), but custom in your family states, "I'm off to work". That's what Dad says, he's never around, never has been. He's there for what seems like minutes then goes "off to work". He doesn't talk about his job, and you don't care to know. What you do wanna know though is why he doesn't seem to care enough to stick around, and how he could leave the responsibilities of raising a child/teen almost solely on Mom. Sure, he makes sure you're okay money-wise, but money can't buy happiness; or fix resentment(you're a bitter protagonist). After you spend some time in your room, with festering thoughts of anger towards dear 'ol Dad, you decide to take a walk on the beach to cool down. You make your way downstairs to find your Dad, just sitting at the table conversing with Mom. Now's your chance, you go to ask him why, why he seems to not care, but you don't have the time. As you open your mouth he quickly gives you either a Squirtle, Totodile, or Mudkip(Player's choice), a pair of new Running Shoes, and heads back "off to work". Before he goes though, he says something: "I have a job to do in Sevi this time, so I expect you to come find me".

    So basically you traverse Sevi looking for your Dad to finally confront him, while meeting people, Trainers, and Team Rocket(not saying what role they play)along the way. Seeing as how there are no Gyms on the islands I plan on having older island inhabitants give you the Badges after you've shown you've earned them; Whether it be by beating them in a battle , completing a 'dangerous' quest, or just having your team of Pokemon love you fully. Also since Islands 8 & 9 have map data but are unaccessible I was planning on making them accessible and incorporating them into the story. The game will feature a mix of maybe around 200 Pokemon from Kanto/Johto/Hoenn, new palettes, some new tiles, and new maps. After the player has beat the Sevi story & gotten all 8 bades I might let them go to a few parts of Kanto and challenge the Indigo League. Thoughts, feedback?

    Edit: I have no name for this hack yet, not even a working title, so suggestions are welcome