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Originally Posted by TB Pro View Post

Black/White Sprite Resize Project[BWSRP]

Hey guys, I decided to resize and index all the Black/White Pokemon sprites into 64x64 GBA sizes. I will release a new pack of them every so often, so keep your eyes peeled.


Just a little preview of what's done.
I've completed the first seventy-five sprites, front and back, along with a few others I felt like doing as well.


The first seventy-five sprites.
Here are the first seventy-five sprites, front and back(plus a few others), resized and indexed, released in a .rar format. Please note a few sprites were left out due to their immense size. If somebody would like to resize and make the ones I'm missing look OK, then please do. I will add you in the credits.
Please credit me if used. Thanks~
Also credit Astar if you use the Enbuoo front sprite.

I've taken the contents of this file, redid the backsprites indexing (by copy/pasting them into the front sprites and then saving as backs so the palletes match) and then made the backsprites shiny. So far I've only done from 494-516, I'll release more when I index a few sprites, the next batch'll probably have up to 540...

Here's the RAR

Here's some of the sprites fixed: