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Originally Posted by avolonsaber View Post
Thanks I wanted to make the island part take about as long as playing through Kanto in FireRed does, maybe a bit shorter? I was thinking if I did allow access to Kanto, that you'd only be able to go to Vermillion City(because the Tri-Pass can take you there), Diglet Cave, Route 2, Viridian City - Victory Road, and Pallet. What do you think about that?
That's actually a really good idea. Maybe you could stick a Snorlax or something in front of Diglett's Cave to block access until you have 8 badges? (At which point you'd get a Pokeflute or something similar.) And yeah, playing through the islands should take around as long as it does to play through Kanto in FireRed.

Good hack so far, I look forward to seeing it developed and eventually released.

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