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I'm sorry, but your tutorial seems a bit rushed. Some parts you barely explained, and that makes it really hard to follow.
My final result was completely messed up, due to the fact that half the time I was just so confused about what you were trying to say.

Like, for example;
"Then go on like that and hit replace until you had all 16 indexes."
Go on like what? I don't understand. In the first one you were supposed to just import the palette, and in the second you were supposed to click the arrow.
So should I click the arrow for all the others? Or..?
And this too;
Then go to offset 00EAB8C4 click it on 256 colors then click import bitmap.
Then this popup should appear:"
You skipped the whole import bitmap step, what are we supposed to import?

Sorry if I'm sounding slightly rude.. I trust that you put effort into this. But please explain a bit further, some people are completely new to this.
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