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Originally Posted by Chamomile13 View Post
I pretty much am stealing and expanding upon what little characterization people get in a Pokemon game. The biggest reason why I wanted to pass this off as a psuedo-fanfic, though, is because that is an epically massive amount of names to come up with. I hate coming up with names. Probably a good idea, nonetheless.
It probably would be. Because if you want to use the basics of the characters from Pokemon in your original fanfiction, then why not just write Pokemon fanfiction? That way, you won't be accused of stealing characters, you won't have to think up names, and you'll have a built-in audience.

But if you want to write original fiction, then you're going to have to put in the work of thinking up names and personalities for your characters. Otherwise, it would just be weird to read about a character named Red from Pallet Town in Kanto who wants to defeat the Elite Four...and not have it be about Pokemon. Everything else about your story is different, though. So that's good.

See, that's one reason why people write fanfiction. Because they want to explore more of a character's personality than what was given in canon.

But yeah, try behind the name which has a random name generator for names.

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