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    Originally Posted by Sgt_Grovyle View Post
    Ok so I've been hacking for somewhere near 4 years now and I've never been the best when it comes to making stories although I'm quite skilled at scripting and what not. But anyway, here is what I have so far for my upcoming hack.

    Game Title: Pokemon CrossThunder
    Hack of: Fire Red

    Story: It's finally graduation day for many students attending Basinridge Pokemon academy and based on the results of your final exams, you along with your two best friends, Shelly and Vincent, will be paired with a partner Pokemon. Afterward Prof.Stone(head of the academy) gives the three of you one last test to travel to Vexten Town and meet Prof.Vine who will give you an official Pokedex and register you for the Kaze(region name) league. Everything seems like a dream come true until you see Shelly being hassled by a mysterious man dressed in black and purple. After seeing your friend in danger you immediately jump into the frontline in order to save your friend. Once defeated the goon runs off and Shelly informs you he is a member of Team Shadow and they believe in awakening the evil in all Pokemon in order to bring out their true power. Unfortunately, she doesn't know much else about them or what they plan on using the Pokemon they try and steal for so the two of you head into Vexten Town. After visiting Prof.Vine, you and your friends are set to begin your journeys around the vast Kaze region as you meet new trainers, gym leaders, challenges, all while trying to reach the ultimate goal of becoming a champion.

    It sounds like a Nintendo based game rather than a hack but, like I mentioned before, I've never been that great at coming up with storylines. I'm open to any suggestions or things you think I should add.

    The title sounds cool to me, but does it relate to anything? Lol. The story sounds original with the academy and what such, but "Team Shadow" seems really similar to Chiper, and Kaze to Orre, might wanna change it so it doesn't sound like Pokemon Colosseum for the GBA. A little Nintendo based sounding, but that doesn't mean it has to be. Make it stand out with some great scripts/maps and it could be wonderful. Try to avoid the whole "get Badges, stop the bad guys, beat the Elite 4, all done" formula most hacks seem to have too. Good luck