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    Originally Posted by avolonsaber View Post
    The title sounds cool to me, but does it relate to anything? Lol. The story sounds original with the academy and what such, but "Team Shadow" seems really similar to Chiper, and Kaze to Orre, might wanna change it so it doesn't sound like Pokemon Colosseum for the GBA. A little Nintendo based sounding, but that doesn't mean it has to be. Make it stand out with some great scripts/maps and it could be wonderful. Try to avoid the whole "get Badges, stop the bad guys, beat the Elite 4, all done" formula most hacks seem to have too. Good luck
    CrossThunder is an attack that Zekrom learns and Zekrom is the main legendary involved in the game. I guess the story would sound a bit more interesting if I told about why Zekrom is involved in the game but, I'm still working on that. As for Team Shadow, I completely forgot about Colosseum lol so I'll try to come up with something a little more original.