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    Who doesn't like fantasy? You can do anything with it. There are no boundaries or parameters to set. Not much to say beyond that. Hit.

    Ah, horror... a genre I adore. Horror as a single genre may be a little redundant, but the frequent bouts of surprise and fear can be entertaining. With other genres, I find elements of horror to be essential. Hit.

    Probably one of the most satisfying genres, mystery-based roleplays never fail to impress. Like fantasy, you could take any scenario and turn it into a mystery, with many unanswered questions and clues to solve them. Hit.

    Normality is one of my roleplaying no-no's. Miss.

    Romance is a necessity in most roleplays, as long as it's not too lovey-dovey. That's just annoying. Undecided.

    You'd have to lead a pretty dull life to dislike thrillers. Action is the heartbeat of roleplaying, and without some thrilling aspects, a roleplay falls flat. Hit.

    Urgh... I may get some serious negative feedback for this, but I'm a sci-fi hater. I attribute this to my brother forcing me to watch Star Wars (all six episodes) over and over again. I never liked them to begin with. The same applies to roleplaying. Spaceships and aliens don't sit well with my mind, or my stomach. Miss.

    I'm a hardcore fan of tragedy in roleplays, providing it's not a recurring theme. Meaning everyone dies in the end. Hit.

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