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    Originally Posted by Azurne View Post
    For something that is only supposed to get you back into the groove of writing, you're throwing a lot of problems in for yourself. If you want to write it as you've said, go for it, but I don't recommend posting it here. I just don't see the point since you're ripping out the backbone of this franchise and only slightly altering the story. I can't see anyone reading it because not only are you removing what made this fandom (the Pokémon), but keeping the story mostly the same, ergo we pretty much know how it ends.
    Pokemon didn't have much in terms of plot to begin with. The interesting part of this story would be the character drama, which is the interesting part of pretty much everything I write. And also the easiest part for me. And, if past experience is anything to go by, the character interactions are enough to sustain a good story.

    You're better off ditching this idea, if this is essentially what you're doing. If you don't want to put a whole lot of effort into a story, I'd recommend simply brainstorming for about five minutes and writing a short story about Pokémon.
    No good. If it's not a story that I'm personally interested in, it won't help me get started again. It'll probably just make things worse. I could try to force myself to write something just based on existing audiences, but it'd probably kill the muse just after she's come back. I need a group of characters that I like, and I already have that. I just need a plot to give them.

    Bottom line I suppose is, if this isn't something you want to put a whole lot of effort in, keep it to yourself in a word document.
    Also no good. I cannot write without feedback from other people. Not for very long. I pretty much always give up on a project if I have to write more than ~20 pages of it without hearing at least one or two people tell me what they thought about it.

    Then when you feel up to it you can work on whatever it is you really want to work on. I just don't understand the point of posting a story where you didn't put your whole effort into creating it.
    Well, you might say that I am putting my whole effort into creating this. It's just that, being in recovery from severe burnout, my whole effort isn't nearly as much as it usually is.
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