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    Originally Posted by Cobe View Post
    Hack Name : Dark Destiny

    Base: FireRed

    You and your mom move back to the region of Eurasia(Still thinking of a name). The Region where the weather is WILD, even though most of the region is very Rainy. You've never known your dad because he left at AGE 1. Your mom thinks you are ready to start your own journey.. So you meet up with your RIVAL and Prof. Sulake at his lab. You can pick from.. Pikachu,Larvitar and YOUR CHOICE. As soon as you get your pokemon you are off.. and.. not so much. As you are ambushed by Dark Destiny. You get knocked out and are woken up by your pokemon! Now you have to escape their Hideout with your life as you battle through some runts, you reach a dead end.. across the room is YOUR FATHER and two warps..As you battle YOUR FATHER you learn that he has a few legendary that are actually mutated.. After beating him he tells you a story about the new leader of Dark Destiny, and also tells you the right warp to go through...

    I assume that if you pick Pikachu your opponent picks Larvitar & vise versa, which isn't balanced at all. I think its really cool that you have the option to pick whatever Pokemon as a starter, but its bad at the same time, because I like Lugia. Lol. They game wouldn't be much of a challenge if I was raising a legendary. I don't know what you mean by "mutated", but it sounds interesting. From what you said it sounds like you're inside a building the whole game; are you?