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    Thanks AK! I know what my bedtime reading will be now! ...oh gees that sounded wrong given the content... *_*

    Haha and thanks TheSmartOne, episode guides written by people who don't look at pokemon as a kids' show? Count me in!

    Originally Posted by AshPikastar View Post

    Thanks for the welcome. It's great to find another Twinleafshipper around. A lot of members on Youtube enjoyed Ikarishipping instead of Twinleafshipping. I wouldn't think Paul would care about Dawn at all.
    No problem! And yeah, I always thought Ikarishipping would be a rather abusive relationship. But you're right, there are a heckuva lot of videos on Youtube about it. O_o And I don't even peruse those videos (I heart the Rocketshipping ones...).
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