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    Originally Posted by jdthebud View Post
    I think we should have different generations up for grabs as well. I would try and get Blue because that's the only cartridge I have. Everything else is on my comp, and if I tried to play Red or Yellow, the speed button would totally mess me up - gotta assign something like the end button of something lol.
    I recommend looking up something called 'Lameboy' that works on R4's and such - it's a great way to emulate gens I&II with some speed without it getting to the ridiculous speeds VBA does. Look it up on google (need 3 more posts before I can put up links), the info's there.

    And to the others, I'd like to express an interest in this big challenge thingy that you're thinking of organising. I'm going to read up on it after this post, but I'm definitely interested.
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